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Auburn Transmission Project

New York State Electric & Gas Corporation (NYSEG), in partnership with Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid, is constructing a new 14.5-mile, 115-kilovolt (kV) electric transmission line (and other modifications to existing electric transmission lines) from the City of Auburn, New York to the Town of Elbridge, New York routed along existing rights of way in the Towns of Throop, Brutus, Sennett and Elbridge, the Village of Elbridge, and the City of Auburn.

This project, known as the Auburn Transmission Project (ATP) will address system reliability issues in the City of Auburn and the surrounding area. The project will increase transfer capacity between NYSEG’s State Street Substation and National Grid’s Elbridge Substation; provide an alternate source of supply; and address system reliability issues by eliminating transmission limitations to the area. The project will benefit NYSEG’s customers who are currently supporting the Cayuga Generating Facility in the Town of Lansing. The project is needed regardless of Cayuga’s operating status.

New York State Public Service Commission Case 13-T-0235

On May 31, 2013, NYSEG and National Grid filed a joint application with the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need under Article VII of Public Service Law for the Auburn Transmission Project. On November 13, 2013 NYSEG and National Grid filed a supplement to this application.

The project consists of the construction of a new 115- kilovolt (kV) electric transmission line over a distance of approximately 14.5 miles from the City of Auburn to the Town of Elbridge. The supplement added three elements to the application:

  • The relocating and reconductoring of a portion of National Grid’s existing 115-kV Geneva-to-Elbridge #15 transmission line.
  • Busing together two existing 115-kV electric transmission lines over approximately 10.3 miles from the Town of Throop to the Town of Elbridge.
  • The rebuilding of an existing 115-kV electric transmission line over 4.2 miles within the City of Auburn and the Town of Throop and the rebuilding of another existing 115-kV in the same right of way over 1.4 miles.

The PSC approved the project and the Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need was issued and effective February 25, 2016. Subsequently, NYSEG and National Grid filed the Environmental Management and Construction Plan (EM&CP) for the project, detailing the precise location of project facilities and precautions to ensure environmental compatibility. PSC approved the EM&CP on August 1, 2016, which allowed for the preparation for construction.

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Project Benefits

NYSEG is committed to providing safe, reliable electricity and natural gas to our customers, and this infrastructure investment will allow us to better serve our customers.

Project benefits include:

  • The new and upgraded facilities will be capable of delivering additional energy to meet the demands of the Auburn area, and will improve reliability at a reasonable and relatively low cost.
  • The ATP will be built and operated within and along existing transmission corridors, minimizing community and environmental impacts.
  • The project adds the necessary capacity to maintain reliable electric service to the region and support economic development.
  • The project relieves load issues to both commercial and residential customers throughout the region.

Following completion of all project elements, no identified local reliability needs are expected to occur under forecast load growth. Completion of the project will ensure transmission system reliability throughout the Auburn area by eliminating thermal overloads under the full range of forecast contingencies.

Project Scope and Description

Beginning at NYSEG’s State Street Substation, the first section of the new line (Line 710) will parallel NYSEG’s existing Lines 971 and 972 for approximately 4.2 miles, running generally south to north in the City of Auburn and Town of Throop. The second section of the line will parallel existing National Grid transmission lines for approximately 10.3 miles to National Grid’s Elbridge Substation, running generally west to east in the Towns of Brutus, Sennett and Elbridge and the Village of Elbridge.

The relocated line will be installed in the National Grid right of way (ROW) from a point 4.2 miles north of NYSEG’s State Street Substation east to the Elbridge Substation, a distance of approximately 10.3 miles. It will be co-located on the same structures as Line 710 in this ROW.

The line busing will be performed in the same approximately 10.3-mile National Grid ROW.

The rebuilt line will result from rebuilding NYSEG’s existing 115-kV electric transmission (Line 972) in the existing NYSEG ROW that runs north from the State Street Substation for a distance of 4.2 miles within the City of Auburn and the Town of Throop. That ROW is also currently occupied by NYSEG’s existing 115-kV Line 971, which will be rebuilt for a distance of approximately 1.4 miles, and it will be the site of a portion of Line 710.

The new line, relocated line and rebuilt line will be installed with new 1192.5 kcmil "bunting” aluminum conductor, steel reinforced (ACSR) conductors on self weathering steel poles. The new line and relocated line will be installed primarily on double-circuit capacity, phase-over-phase galvanized steel monopole structures within the National Grid ROW.

Click here to view the interactive project map which includes visual simulations of the new structures.

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